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The Landscape is Changing

We understand the need for your marketing to make an impact.

Tight budgets, larger competitors dominating the space, audiences not engaging, and limited exposure are the problems that’re holding you back from unlocking your digital potential. We have the solution.

Since September 2022, we’ve sent 2,805 enquiries to our clients, at an average CPR of £4.10.

Some of our most efficient campaigns event brought qualified leads in for £0.15 CPR!

We’re now running 1-3 month trials on this exact campaign for anyone with a service-based business.

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Our Story

Blue Streak Marketing was founded to help our clients and people strive for excellence in everything they do. By playing as a team we get results, and ensure we have enough control of the game to give people the freedom to express their own creative flair and individuality.

Our mission is to inspire fearlessness in our clients by creating straightforward and profitable marketing solutions that captivate their target market and allow excellent business to flourish.

Since our formation, we’ve been taking strides in this direction by utilising sophisticated Social Media Marketing strategies, combined with our own expertise, to deliver qualified leads to our clients.

Our range of expertise includes all thing social media, from social media management and paid ads to marketing strategies and one-to-one consultancy, we’re the ones to help.

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