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1,442 job applicants in 7 months for recruitment agency


Capital Recruitment Group are an independently owned recruitment business who specialise in the recruitment of permanent and temporary workers throughout the UK.

1,442 applicants for roles

909 fully qualified applicants

£2.35 cost per applicant

The Problem

Increasing advertising costs on conventional job-search websites

While Capital Recruitment Group’s ability to attract top talent on traditional platforms such as Totaljobs and Monster is what set them apart from their competitors, rising advertising costs meant it was time to find a more efficient solution or risk losing clients by either (a) rising the prices for their services or (b) moving to other traditional platforms with inferior candidate pools.

The Solution

Creation of a low-cost lead generation strategy emphasising efficiency

Having worked with Capital Recruitment Group previously to create their Facebook page, they approached us once more to explore the opportunity of advertising their vacancies through Facebook. After learning the details of the situation, we proposed a low-cost lead generation strategy which emphasised efficiency, allowing Capital Recruitment Group to keep their application process streamlined.

We began by establishing a simple qualification criteria for each individual vacancy to improve the quality of candidates which filtered through. Those who did not meet the criteria were sent to Capital Recruitment Group’s vacancy hub on their website. Once established, we targeted ideal candidates with suitable interest- and geographical-based parameters and hooked them with attention grabbing copy.

To ensure efficiency, we removed all non-essential steps in the application process, leaving only the most vital information to be required. In addition, we continually optimised each campaign by reviewing ad level data; eliminating any underperforming components wasting the budget.

The results

1,442 applicants in 7 months at £2.35 CPR

After 7 months, 1,442 applicants were generated at an average cost of £2.35 per applicant. 909 of those were fully qualified; averaging £3.73 per qualified applicant. The applicants we generated led to many successful placements for Capital Recruitment Group.

The Facebook Ad strategy we implemented proved to be a low-cost, time efficient alternative, which allowed Capital Recruitment Group to reduce their expenditure and direct more work hours elsewhere. Diversifying into Facebook Advertising also meant they mitigated the risk to their business by reducing their reliance on traditional advertising platforms such as Totaljobs and Monster. So in the future, if the rising advertising costs of those platforms become unjustifiable, they’re in a comfortable enough position to permanently move away from them.

Capital Recruitment Group’s ability to attract quality talent is stronger than ever.

client’s response

We have been working with Tommy and Blue Streak Marketing for the past 4-5 months and he has supported Capital with managing our Facebook page and job adverts.

Since Tommy has been advertising our jobs on Facebook we have seen a significant increase in applications which has led to successful placements.

Tommy is very easy to work with, he makes the process simple and provides us with informative and essential data. I would highly recommend any company to work with Tommy and Blue Streak Marketing.

James McChrystal

Permanent Recruitment Consultant, Capital Recruitment Group

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