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295 enquiries at £4.98 CPR for networking business


MOVE began as weekly Netwalking event before expanding to include MOVE Online. These two services established a community of people who have created deep-rooted relationships and have supported one another throughout their business and personal lives; becoming the epicenter for MOVE to expand further with the MOVE Business School, MOVE Elite Mastermind, and MOVE Social Events.

295 enquiries

24,676 social media & website visitors

£4.98 cost per enquiry

The Problem

larger digital presence required to generate demand

As a member of MOVE Online, MOVE founders Mark & Andrea approached us to help grow their social media profiles and bring more attention to their various networking services.

The Solution

engaging behind-the-scenes video content combined with targeted ads

We began by utilising their existing audience of 800 followers on Instagram to create the initial buzz and crossover into their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

We capitalised on much of the content captured from their MOVE Online meetings, as well as the professional content captured from Netwalking and Social events to post a plethora of content 20 times a week across all platforms.

MOVE introduced Paid Ad management into their marketing operations permanently in September 2022 and ever since we’ve been continually developing and optimising the funnel for the best possible results.

The results

295 enquiries with 24k+ social media & website visitors

Throughout our time with MOVE, we’ve redeveloped their social media strategy many times to include Facebook Ads, competitions, giveaways, quizzes, challenges and more!

We continue to work with MOVE today, and are confident that 2023 will be their biggest year for growth to date thanks to sheer volume of interest we’re generating on a monthly basis and the synergy shared between MOVE, Blue Streak Marketing, and the rest of the marketing team!

client’s response

Everything seems easy when you know how. Getting Blue Streak Marketing who are experts in Facebook Ads just makes sense – they know how and they get results!

Tommy’s strong communication to ensure you make contact with your enquiry is swift and excellent, and all your data is sent as agreed; making the funnel process much simpler.

Andrea Edwards

Co-Founder, MOVE

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