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76 enquiries at £3.41 for piano instructor


Melanie has been a piano player all her life. She founded Prospect Piano Tuition to help people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to achieve their dream of being able to play the piano.

76 enquiries

£22,800 in the pipeline

£3.41 cost per enquiry

The Problem

shrinking client list

While Prospect Piano have had a long list of clients over the course of their 10 year history, the strain of the economic climate meant less people were signing up to learn the piano, and worse, some clients cancelled their lessons altogether. Melanie was worried about her shrinking client list and decided she needed help getting it back to full capacity.

The Solution

a low-cost lead generation campaign

In response, Melanie reached out to us to help put the situation right. Having known Mel previously through networking, we were especially keen to see her attract new clients as soon as possible. We proposed a low-cost lead generation strategy with a simple enquiry process to speed up how quickly we could collect results.

We began by targeting ideal clients with suitable interest- and geographical-based parameters and hooked them with attention grabbing copy.

To ensure the everyone who enquired was a suitable student, we made it known that they would require their own keyboard and be able to make their own way to lessons.

The results

a refilled client list

After 3 months, 76 enquiries were generated at an average cost of £3.41 per enquiry, and we helped Melanie to restore her client list!

By exploring Facebook Ads, and more specifically, testing our bespoke strategy for them, Prospect Piano found a low-cost method of filling up their client list.

client’s response

Blue Streak Marketing just ran a Facebook Ad campaign for me and I’m so delighted with the service they offer.

Tommy is so knowledgeable, patient and kind and I am getting more leads than I thought possible in such a short time.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who is trying to grow their service-based business.

Melanie Worthington

Owner, Prospect Piano

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