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34k+ in new revenue for local Window cleaners


Walsh Window Cleaning are a Dublin-based family run business providing window cleaning, power washing, and gutter cleaning services to residential and commercial customers.

603 new customers

€34k+ in new revenue

13:1 Return on ad spend

The Problem

generating enquiries proving to be incredibly time intensive

In Ireland, customers do not pay small bi-weekly fees as they do in the UK. Instead, they pay large sums once or twice a year.

Although, Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors had great success generating new business organically on social media, but it was also very labouring and time intensive. As they were handling everything internally, if they took even just a week off, they wouldn’t have much work the following week. They required a second marketing funnel to generate leads so that they could grow as a company while also lessening their own personal workload.

The Solution

Creation of a low-cost lead generation strategy emphasising efficiency

After seeing the success of our clients, Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors requested that we also produce a Facebook Advertising Campaign for them to alleviate their issue. In response, we proposed a low-cost lead generation strategy which emphasised efficiency, allowing Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors to regularly turnover new business while giving them much of their precious time back.

We began targeting the local Dublin population, and by utilising a simple enquiry form, Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors were able to respond with a free quote in a timely manner. To boost response rates, we also included an option for new customers to select their preferred mode of communication.

To ensure efficiency, we continually optimised the campaign by reviewing ad level data; eliminating any underperforming demographics that were wasting the budget.

Finally, to ensure repeat business, we began retargeting customers after services had been carried out.

The results

34k+ in new revenue

To date, we have generated 34K+ in revenue for Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors; providing a 13:1 return on their ad spend with an additional 603 new customers in their portfolio.

The Facebook Ad strategy we implemented proved to be a low-cost, time efficient alternative to Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors’ usual approach, allowing them to direct more work hours elsewhere and be less reliant on their own social media efforts.

The surge of new business has also given Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors license to expand, with two new employees on the horizon to manage the growing workload.

client’s response

Blue Streak Marketing provide an excellent service. The process is super straightforward, everything is explained to us in advance and whatever questions we have are always answered in understandable terms. 

The work they’ve carried out for us has been exceptional and we couldn’t be happier. We started with a minimal budget and got immediate business worth 9x more than what we spent!

Having that regular weekly inflow of enquiries is incredibly important to me. I’ve worked with marketing agencies and salespeople in the past and it hasn’t worked out, which would usually add a sense of worry but not in this case; quite the opposite.

We will absolutely continue to work with Blue Streak Marketing. We know we’re in safe hands and will be recommending them to anyone who wants to run social media ads.

Paul Walsh

Business Owner, Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors

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