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42 £100k+ INVESTORS FOUND FOR A PROPERTY DEAL with just £110


Phil has a long and rich history in the property market. Whether it’s buying, selling, or brokering deals; he’s a seasoned veteran of it all.

88 investment enquiries

42 applicants met every requirement

£1.25 cost per enquiry

The Problem

Investor needed to complete a property deal urgently

Late in December 2022, Phil found a property that was going to market with a 10% gross yield and a huge potential resale value of £38,000 above the current asking price. Phil needed to move quickly in order to broker a deal.

However, Phil needed a partiuclar type of investor for this deal. His requirements were strict and he knew they’d be challenging for most advertisers, so he approached us.

He needed an investor that: was based in Merseyside, had completed at least 6 deals of a similar nature, had £100,000, and was ready to complete the deal in the next 30 days.

The Solution

a no-nonsense low-cost lead generation campaign

As such, Phil requested that we put a bespoke strategy in place that would attract his vision of an ideal investor. We began by targeting ideal investors with suitable interest- and geographical-based parameters and hooked them with a carousel of the property’s main features and copy that outlined the financial benefits of the property.

To ensure the investors met Phil’s expectations, we created a qualification criteria to filter all the potential investors through. This gave Phil the opportunity to review all of the applicants in an objective manner, and to quickly move the process along and speak with dozens of interested investors.

The results

42 perfect investors found with just £110

By the end of the campaign, Phil received 88 enquiries from potential investors, with 42 meeting every requirement. The Facebook Ad strategy proved to be a low-cost, time efficient alternative with only £110 spent and 8 days elapsing before Phil was happy to conclude the campaign.

Diversifying into Facebook Advertising also meant that Phil reduced his reliance on his network and now possesses another way of connecting with potential investors, especially when time is of the essence.

client’s response

I worked with Blue Streak Marketing recently and have been very impressed by their customer service.

Phil Lynch

Managing Director, We Buy Houses

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