What is social media consultancy?

Our social media consultancy services offer businesses the opportunity to have brainstorming sessions with us on the challenges they’re facing on social media.

Whilst Google and YouTube are usually great problem-solving tools filled with how-to’s and tutorials, when it comes to social media; there’s often a lot of false information which gets you nowhere. Often enough, there’s also never an answer to your questions! If there is one, it’s usually a generic answer that doesn’t contain any actionable steps.

Our consultancy service strives to give you tailor-made recommendations specific to your business, resources, and the challenges you face.

How does the consultancy service work?

We’ll have an initial call with you to understand your situation and where exactly you need our help. Depending on the scale of what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll recommend a number of hours per month we should work together.

In those meetings, we’ll give you ongoing strategic advice and make tweaks to your marketing efforts. From there, we’ll review your position each month and carry on refining your efforts until you’re both happy that you’ve found the winning formula for your business!

Is social media consultancy right for my business?

Our social media consultancy service is a hallelujah to any business striving for success on social media. If you’re already committed to achieving your goals and you’re putting your time and effort into succeeding – take it that additional step further by having experts such as ourselves overlooking your work and ensuring you’re putting in the correct actions!

What are the benefits of social media consultancy?

With our help, you’ll begin to form a large sense of congruency in the actions you’re taking on social media. You’ll be able to tap into our expertise during the meetings and seek validation on your marketing plans. Most importantly, we’ll be on hand to help you solve the issues you just can’t find the answers for on Google.

What are the challenges of social media consultancy?

Tapping into our expertise is all well and good, but you need to follow up on the advice we’re providing you with. It’s like the Captain of the ship not listening to their radar detector, warning them of oncoming obstacles, or their Ship Communications Officer, updating them on maintenance functions that will impact their arrival time.

If you’re willing to implement our advice, you can’t go wrong!

What budget do i need for social media consultancy?

Our consultancy services start from £50 per hour we spend working with your business.

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