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With 2.96 billion active users, Facebook gives businesses the ability to increase conversions, engagement, and revenues.

2,805 enquiries produced

£2.0m+ generated

£4.10 cost per enquiry

Why Invest in Facebook Ads?

As a leading Facebook Ads agency, we know what actually moves the needle and brings in quality clients.


Capture ideal clients with advanced targeting

We capture your ideal clients by utilising Facebook’s extensive targeting features to place captivating ads right in front of them.



The average cost-per-lead on Facebook is £15.86, we deliver them for £4.10, and from as little as £0.15.


Generate fantastic ROI for your buisness

Our team of Facebook advertising experts have a remarkable track record for producing excellent outcomes.


The work that Blue Streak Marketing have carried out for us has been exceptional and we couldn’t be happier. We started with a minimal budget and got immediate business worth 9x more than what we spent!

Paul Walsh

Business Owner, Walsh Window Cleaning Contractors

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start making an impact

We understand the need for your marketing to make an impact. It’s hard to attract clients, budgets are tight, and larger competitors are taking home all the spoils.

We know what it takes to make your business stand out. Our team of experts have helped countless businesses like yours reach their full potential on the world’s largest social media platform.

With our cutting-edge strategies and proven track record, we can help you achieve your marketing goals, even on a tight budget.

What makes us different

As a leading Facebook Advertising agency, we ensure that our campaigns are tailored to your business’s specific needs. Whatever your business goals are, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with the correct campaign in line with your goals.

Something that makes us different to other Facebook advertising agencies is our emphasis on simplicity. Whether it’s the customer journey or the campaign set up, nothing should ever be overcomplicated.

We also believe in letting our results speak for themselves, which is why we offer 100% refunds if we don’t produce any results, and we never ask anyone to commit to a contract within the first 3 months of working with us.


data-driven results

Results are important, and we’re proud of ours.

Since the beginning of September 2022 we’ve produced 2,805 enquiries for our clients from their ideal customers, at an average cost-per-result of just £4.10.

We’ve generated more than £2.0M+ for our clients so far, which has allowed them to hire more employees, fill out their client lists, increase their prices, and strategically plan for the future with us as a key component to that growth.

Don’t waste any more time or money on ineffective campaigns that don’t produce results. Book a discovery call with us today, and let’s get started on growing your business!

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